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Barcola neighbourhood

Barcola is one of the most loved neighbourhoods by both residents and tourists alike for its vicinity to the sea and the wonderful view of the Gulf. It is an emotional experience which changes every time you see it.

We now think of this area mostly as a beachside location where residents sunbathe and take a “tocio” (local dialect for a “dip” in the sea) during the warm summer months.

In the past Barcola was a delightful neighbourhood, overlooked by “Strada Napoleonica”, where various villas and homes started being constructed in the late 1800’s.

Barcola was also used as a port, receiving all the goods necessary for daily life through merchant boats.

The railroad was constructed in the mid 1800’s while the famous tramline Trieste-Barcola was built in 1900 and suppressed in 1969. You can see in the photo below that the tram model remains unchanged today for the only remaining “modern” line Trieste-Opicina.

In 1856 Massimiliano d’Asburgo, Austrian archduke and imperator of Mexico, ordered the building of the Castle of Miramare, now a historical symbol of Barcola, to live in it with his wife: Carlotta del Belgio.  

Today Barcola remains one of the most desired neighbourhoods for home seekers in Trieste because it offers all the services needed to allow a high standard of living. Its seafront promenade, embellished by the Castle of Miramare and overlooked by the lighthouse “Faro della Vittoria” is fascinating and wonderful to live in during all seasons. Barcola is also the heart of a great sporting event: The Barcolana. This important international sailing regatta has become one of the symbols of Trieste and hosts over 2000 sailboats every year in October.

Barcola was and remains today, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Trieste.

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Images obtained from “I Rioni di Trieste Cenni Storici e Descrittivi” Editore Linea Studio Trieste 1987 and from “Ritratto di Città di Trieste” Edizioni B&Mm Fachin Trieste.




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